The price list follows below for the pictures shown in our photo gallery under the traditions bouquet links.

Bridal Cascade $65.00-$70.00
(size 10-11x18 inch)

Bridal Round $60.00-$65.00
(size 10-11 inch)

Large Bridesmaid Round $35.00
(size 8-9 inch)

Medium Bridesmaid Round $30.00
(size 7-8 inch)

Small Bridesmaid/Toss Round $20.00
(size 6-7 inch)

Single Flower Boutonnieres $4.00

Double Flower Corsages $6.00 Pin Style

Double Flower Corsages $7.00 Wrist Style

Shipping within the USA.  Shipping charges will be calculated and emailed with flower order price total.

Shipping method is normally USPS Priority Mail service with delivery confirmation/tracking number. 

Item Prices & Shipping Costs

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